Political leaders
Mr Philippe Suinen
President of the Walloon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Dr. Jan Glockauer
Director General of Treves Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr François Thill
Attaché de gouvernement 1er en rang in Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade
Mr Pierre Gramegna
Luxembourg Minister for Finance
Mr Claude Meisch
Luxembourg Minister for Higher Education and Research
Mrs Corinne Cahen
Luxembourg Minister for Family, Integration and the Greater Region
Mrs Lydia Mutsch
Luxembourg Minister for Equal Opportunities
Mr Camille Gira
Luxembourg State Secretary for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures
Mr Marc Hansen
Luxembourg State Secretary for Higher Education and Research
Mrs Viviane Reding
Member of the European Parliament, former Vice-President of the European Commission
Mr Stephan Toscani
Saarland Minister for Finance and Europe
Mr Philippe Ledent
President of the Economic and Social Council of the Greater Region
Mr Roger Cayzelle
President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Lorraine
Mr Alain de Muyser
Deputy Secretary General of the Benelux Union
Mrs Gaby Wagner
Deputy Director of ADEM
Mr Osman Sarı
Deputy Governor of Kocaeli
Mr Mehmet Zekeriya Özak
Deputy Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Mrs Lydie Polfer
Mayor of the City of Luxembourg
Mr Robbert Görris
General Manager of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China
Mr Simon Cheetham
Team Leader of the China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk
Mr Poul V. Jensen
Director of the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) - India
Economic leaders
Mrs Marina Andrieu-Thiriet
Managing Director of Girls in Tech Luxembourg, Project Manager at Nyuko A.s.b.l.
Mr Goy Grosbusch
Head of Marketing and Development at Marcel Grosbusch & Fils
Mr Rik Hülser
General Manager of Jobs.lu
Mr Michel Wurth
Board Member of ArcelorMittal S.A., President of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg
Mr Robert Dennewald
Chairman of S.A. des Chaux de Contern, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg
Mr Fernand Ernster
President of the LSC Management Board, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg
Mr Carlo Thill
CEO of BGL BNP Paribas, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg
Mr Carlo Thelen
General Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg
Mr Ayhan Zeytinoğlu
Chairman of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry
Mr Memet Barış Turabi
Secretary General of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry
Mr François-René Germain
CEO Accessibility of Orange Group
Mrs Anne Cohen
Marketing and Communication Director of Triumph International
Mrs Netty Thines
President of MarkCom
Mr Nicolas Buck
CEO of Seqvoia, President of Nyuko A.s.b.l.
Mr Marco Houwen
President of LU-CIX
Mr Jean Diederich
Partner at Kurt Salmon Luxembourg
Mr Ralph Van Lysebeth
Country Director EBT Belgium & Luxembourg of Samsung Business
Mr David Barthe
CEO of ALBISTE, Associate Lecturer at IAE Lyon
Mr Mike Mitchell
CEO and Founder of eTeamsys
Prof. Dr. Eric Tschirhart
Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the University of Luxembourg
Mr Maikel Beerens
CEO of Xilloc Medical B.V.
Mrs Hedda Pahlson-Moller
Member of the Boards of EBAN & LBAN, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Sacred Heart Universit
Mr Dany Donnen
CIO and Member of the Management Board of Bidvest Belgium
Prof. Mickaël Géraudel
Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Luxembourg
Dr. Syed Naqvi
UK LILA Project Representative, Lecturer at Birmingham City University
Mr Onno A. Ponfoort
Senior Managing Consultant at Berenschot Consulting
Mr Nicolas Henckes
Secretary General of UEL
Mr Roland Voss
Regional Vice-President Sales at Rosenbauer International AG
Mrs Virginie Daunois
Marketing Manager at Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator
Mrs Sabrina Bastid
Marketing & Communication Director at Darty